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Bugnini Reform Of The Liturgy Pdf Download ioanren




The post-Conciliar papacy and the perennial reform of the Church emerged in the years after the Second Vatican Council and the opening of the Ecclesial Journey in 1964. In my early years as a priest, the Reform of the Roman Rite (Liturgiam Generale) of the Second Vatican Council was discussed but not read. Later in my priesthood, with the liturgical reform, I read the LGG and was impressed and not a little confused by the text. I sensed that there was something missing. I had had little contact with a priest who had studied the LGG carefully and in detail. I had met him in a hospital while visiting my older brother for surgery. Because of the nature of his illness, I got to know him a little. He was a tall, thin man, quiet, friendly and very observant. But he was also very sure of himself. Each time I visited him, he would ask me what I was studying and then tell me some things about the current liturgical situation. He told me that the problems he saw in the LGG needed to be looked at. He told me that the Vatican documents on the liturgy were as full of errors as the contents of the LGG. He told me that there were a number of errors in the LGG that were due to the conciliar nature of the document and that the errors would continue because of the authority of the documents on the liturgy. It would be necessary to distinguish between the Constitution and the post-Conciliar documents. I didn’t know the difference, so I listened. I asked him whether there was a way to do this. He told me that he and some others had discussed it and that, yes, there was a way to do this. But he didn’t know how to explain it. He only knew that he had studied it carefully. I was fascinated by this conversation and, of course, I wanted to know more. He was a seminarian at the time and, as I learned years later, was soon to be ordained and assigned to teach at a diocesan seminary. Later, when I was a priest, he was assigned to a parish. While attending a seminar at the seminary, I learned that my brother had succumbed to his illness. The priest told me that he would continue to visit my brother and take care of him, but that he would continue to work at the parish. At first, I didn




Bugnini Reform Of The Liturgy Pdf Download ioanren

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